Episode 47 – Most Wanted

On this episode we cover cases of people that were on the Most Wanted List.

Chicago has a history of Gangs

Jack Darrell Farmer was the leader of the little Mafia part of the Ukrainian Mafia.  This is his story of being on the FBI most wanted list.

Beer Pairing was Thick as Thieves Provisional Wild Saison from Strange Fellows Brewing.

CBS News
Chicago Tribune
Chicago Gang History
Sun Sentinel

Oregon had a serial killer

This story covers the crimes of Richard Lawrence Marquette from Portland Oregon.  He murdered 3 women including one Jane Doe as well as Joan Caudle and Betty Wilson.

Beer Pairing was

Killer Cloud

Blaming Blaming Gone

A lifetime of “not my fault” leads to a cowardly explosion.  This is the story of Robert William Fisher who is a Family Annihilator.

Beer Pairing was actually a cider named Lost & Found Foraged Cider from Windfall Cider.

East Valley Tribune

Brew Crime
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Oracl3 Podcast Network – Active Shooter

True Crime Podcast – Murder under the midnught sun

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