Episode 68 – Crimes in British Columbia


This episode the crew covers crimes of British Columbia Mikes home Province.

Story – Mike
Thomas Gordon Kosberg

Thomas was a troubled kid in Vancouver and unfortunately his family would not survive.  This is a brutal case of Familicide.  

Beer pairing for this story is Big Heckin Chonker Imperial Porter by East Vancouvers Off the Rail Brewing.

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Story – JT
Clifford Olson

Clifford Olson was one of the biggest monsters in British Columbia history until a local pig farmer was arrested in 2002.

Beer pairing for this story is Vengeful Spirit IPA from Stone Brewing.

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Episode 47 – Most Wanted

On this episode we cover cases of people that were on the Most Wanted List.

Chicago has a history of Gangs

Jack Darrell Farmer was the leader of the little Mafia part of the Ukrainian Mafia.  This is his story of being on the FBI most wanted list.

Beer Pairing was Thick as Thieves Provisional Wild Saison from Strange Fellows Brewing.

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Oregon had a serial killer

This story covers the crimes of Richard Lawrence Marquette from Portland Oregon.  He murdered 3 women including one Jane Doe as well as Joan Caudle and Betty Wilson.

Beer Pairing was

Killer Cloud

Blaming Blaming Gone

A lifetime of “not my fault” leads to a cowardly explosion.  This is the story of Robert William Fisher who is a Family Annihilator.

Beer Pairing was actually a cider named Lost & Found Foraged Cider from Windfall Cider.

East Valley Tribune

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Episode 15 – Kids that Kill

This episode we talk about children that fall down the wrong path and commit murders.

Gingers don’t have souls.  The story of Eric Smith

Eric Smith was young when he murdered the 4 year old Derrick Robie .   This is the story.

This story paired with Clifford the Big Red Ale from Callister Brewing out of Vancouver.

Seattle Times
Life Death Prizes

For Whom the Bell Tolls: When a Child Dies We Are All in Pain

Two children have been murdered and two more are the lead suspects.

This story paired with Boys to the Yard Chocolate Coconut Milkshake IPA from Bridge Brewing out of North Vancouver.


The Warwick Slasher : Chandler Price

Craig Price was a young man growing up in Rhode Island when he threw his life away.

This story paired with Wee Beastie Scotch Ale from Howe Sound Breiwng out of Squamish.


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Episode 13 – Bruce McArthur – (Dismemberment Part 2)

Episode 13 brings us the conclusion to our Dismemberment series.

Toronto Gay Village Killer (Bruce McArthur)

In Part 2 of this series we do our first deep dive into a horrendous case. Bruce McArthur was a recent serial killer from Toronto Canada. He was arrested in January 2018 and sentenced in February 2019. Tune in to learn more about this despicable human and his victims that need to be remembered.

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global news
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Episode 2 – Back to School

With school on the horizon we thought it made sense to hit up the topic of Back to School. This will not be back to school shopping though.

One rotten apple spoils the whole bunch.  Or in this case one rotten teacher spoils it for everyone.

Joanne Chambers was an elementary school teacher with Pocono Mountain School District in Monroe, Pennsylvania. It was a job that she enjoyed. She was popular with her students and got along with her co-workers. Or so she thought.

This story paired with Trinity Brew’s Menacing Apple Harvest Apple Saison a Brewery in Colorado Springs Colorado.

US Courts
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The Case of the Gainesville Ripper

1990 was a bad time for Gainesville Florida. In a matter of a few days 5 Students were dead and a town was in panic. This is that story.

This story paired with the collaboration between Twin Sails Brewing and Coalesce Brewing called This Could Have Been US an American Wild Ale.  Twin Sails Brewing is located in Port Moody.

NY Times
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Audio Clip used under Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use

Mystery Rider performed by Sam Warden used with permission

Brew Crime the Pilot

Welcome to the first Episode of Brew Crime our Craft Beer and True Crime podcast. This episode deals with two very different stories with an accidental tie in.

Gilles de Rais – In 15th century France he was a nobleman, war hero, comrade in arms to Joan of Arc! Disillusioned by the King that did not protect his comrade he became a serial killer. Guilty of slaughtering over 100 innocent children. Or was he?…

This story paired with 3 Monts from Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre of France.

Photo from www.thefamouspeople.com

Encyclopedia Britannica

The murder of Dimebag Darrell – Former Pantera guitarist and then current Damageplan guitarist was performing on December 8, 2004 in Columbus Ohio when a gunman opened fire. This is the story. A portion of Pantera 5 Minutes Alone was used under the Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use.

This story paired with R&B Brewing Ursos Arctos Russian Imperial Stout of Vancouver.

Photo by Gregg Maston

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