We are a True Crime, Craft Beer and Comedy podcast. Join us as we pair great tasting beer with the all kinds True Crime stories, Conspiracies or whatever Catches our attention.


Mike G (Pilot – Current)
Also the host of Pacific Beer Chat, Trail of Destruction

Both a True Crime buff and a craft beer fanatic I enjoy sharing my opinions. I have been blogging about craft beer and then podcasting about it since 2012. When I am not enjoying one of a multitude of true crime or craft beer podcasts or creating content myself I usually find myself up in the mountains of British Columbia hiking.

JT (Episode 68 to Current)
Also voice of Active Shooter


Well hello reader/listener/purveyor of true crime, mysteries, and most importantly … BEER! My name is J.T. Hosack and I’ve been here and there in the podcast world, narrating, guest-hosting, co-hosting, and running my own show. I originally started the True Crime Lab. While that has ended, I’ve continued narrating for Active Shooter and I’ve spent time guest-hosting with Mike on Brew Crime. I’m a military brat and, while I’ve lived in three or four states and Okinawa, Japan, I’ve spent much of my time in Virginia, USA, where I still reside with my wife and two kiddos. I work as Teams and Research Coordinator for a non-profit, therapy dog, hospital-based program. In my spare time I enjoy reading, gaming (both video and board) occasionally, writing true crime and true crime adjacent scripts, and spending time with family and friends. I look forward to brews, this show, and interacting with you all!


Former Hosts.

Beck H (Pilot – Episode 59)

Hi I’m Troy McClure! You may remember me from such alcohol related podcast episodes as “No I won’t kiss that fish. Let’s get the Screech outta here” and “Who’s shriveled toe is in my drink!”

But seriously (ish) I find true crime and death history in general extremely interesting. I am new to podcasts. I don’t mean podcasting. I mean podcasts. I just started listening a few months ago and FELL IN LOVE. When not stressing about being so far out of my comfort zone I am probably eating brunch or daydreaming about eating brunch.


Nina M (Episode 6, 10-59)

Hey guys my name is Nina,

I am so excited to take part in this journey of great beers and true crime with you all. I would consider my beer knowledge to be nonexistent, but my knowledge of crime to be A+

A little about me, I was born in Serbia and immigrated to Canada in 2000. I fell in love learning about the weird and twisted mind and how some of us use it to sometimes do amazing things and sometimes unspeakable awful things.

I also thought a great way for you guys to get to know me is to see what my closest friends have to say:

Daniella: Nina is a lover of all crime shows, especially those that portray serial killers.

Nina loves to rollerblade along the seawall.

Ania: Loves a fresh, crisp lager, has seen every episode of Forensic Files (at least 5 times), and very well acquainted with the “Owl Theory.”

Maggie: Have you ever seen a little kid eat ice cream and nothing else matters that very second and they’re protruding rays of happiness and rainbows? Well that’s Nina and Jagerbombs where you can catch her at a local pub with her best pals having the best time.

Nina is passionate and kind yet fearless and determined. She can catch you when you fall and take care of your injuries but she can also be the reason why you fell the first place.

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