Brew Crime the Pilot

Welcome to the first Episode of Brew Crime our Craft Beer and True Crime podcast. This episode deals with two very different stories with an accidental tie in.

Gilles de Rais – In 15th century France he was a nobleman, war hero, comrade in arms to Joan of Arc! Disillusioned by the King that did not protect his comrade he became a serial killer. Guilty of slaughtering over 100 innocent children. Or was he?…

This story paired with 3 Monts from Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre of France.

Photo from

Encyclopedia Britannica

The murder of Dimebag Darrell – Former Pantera guitarist and then current Damageplan guitarist was performing on December 8, 2004 in Columbus Ohio when a gunman opened fire. This is the story. A portion of Pantera 5 Minutes Alone was used under the Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use.

This story paired with R&B Brewing Ursos Arctos Russian Imperial Stout of Vancouver.

Photo by Gregg Maston

CBS News article
Rolling Stones

More info
TRU TV story

2 thoughts on “Brew Crime the Pilot

  1. morbidmorag says:

    I hope you found me when you googled “GdR + innocent”, or my life has been wasted. I’m not even French!

    Nor am I a descendant – his line died out in the early 1500s, anybody who claims to be a descendant is lying. Just someone who hates injustice, & this is the biggest injustice of all time. Does it matter? Well, what if it was you? 600 years after your death & people are still hurling insults at you because you’re supposed to have done horrible things that you didn’t do. Would you think that was OK?

    These weren’t FRENCH people who were pro England. G was tried in Brittany, an independent duchy. Jean V alternated between supporting the French & English sides, but signed a treaty with England halfway through the trial. The Bishop of Nantes, who was also Chancellor of Brittany, was pro England his whole life (for excellent political motives). He led several embassies to London & was widely believed to have taken bribes from the English. G was THE pre-eminent French war hero after Joan, & he was trying to revive her memory. In fact, his play implied she was a saint. Join the dots.

    Also, there is no eye witness testimony except for that produced under torture by G & his two servants (not his cousin. His two cousins both escaped: one of them, Roger de Bricqueville, lived with G’s daughter & her husband & finally the king gave him a pardon). Most of the evidence was hearsay. A lot was of the order of “I saw a man in Machecoul looking for his son” & “Yes, I knew a couple who had a child who went missing”. There were very few family members in court. When detailed accounts are given, they’re contradictory in the extreme: at one point G is in two places at once. A lot the (fewer than forty) named victims disappear in Machecoul, Brittany when G is recorded as living in Tiffauges, France.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg. I’m writing a book. The real story is much more interesting than the myth!


    • Mike says:

      Sorry for the late reply. I am guessing you may not have listened to the episode as at the end of the story Beck brings up the fact that he was likely not what he was accused of doing. She started the research and near the end found the information that it could be all fake. It is a great story regardless so it was told with the caviet at the end.

      Thanks for leaving the comment though. When will the book be released?


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