Episode 46 – Highway of Tears

On this episode we cover a series of cases in British Columbia that needs to be taken more seriously by police and Canada in general.  We are talking about the Highway of Tears.  This is a stretch of highway in British Columbia that way to many women have gone missing many with no finality.  A disproportionate amount of the women are Indigenous.

History of Highway of Tears

Nina covers the background of the Highway of Tears

Beer pairing for this story is the Driftwood Brewing Cooked Coast

Highway of Tears
The Canadian Encyclopedia 

Justice Traffic Jam

On the ‘Highway of Tears’ the only thing not moving quickly is justice.  Beck covers the cases of Gloria Moody and Colleen MacMillen

Beer pairing for this story is Bad Tattoo Brewing Westcoast IPA.

Justice for Native Women
Prince George Citizen
Vancouver Sun

No Closure

For this portion of the show we cover the murders of Alberta Williams and Coreen Thomas.

Beer pairing for this story is Driftwood brewing Viewfield Brett Saison.

Justice for Native Women
Chronicle Durham college

Brew Crime
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