Episode 62 – New Mexico Cults


On this episode of Brew Crime Mike is joined by Eric Carter-Landin of True Consequences Podcast and Dos Spookqueños Podcast as well as returning guest JT voice of Active Shooter Podcast.  We cover the theme of New Mexico Cults as Eric is from the state and he sticks with the state he knows.

Beer Pairing for this episode is The More you Know Imperial Sour a collaboration between Another Beer Co and Sundown Beer Company.

Story 1 – Mike
Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps

Abuse, sexual abuse and more is what you find behind the Aggressive Christianity Missionary training Corps.


Aggressive Christianity
REligion Wikia
cult education
cult education
central usa
NY Times
CBS News
Ap News

Story 2 – Eric
Lord Our Righteousness Church

Wayne Curtis Bent left his days as a pastor to start a doomsday cult.

A cult in court – National Geographic
Inside a Cult – National Geographic
The End of the World Cult – Channel 4 UK
Cult Education

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