Episode 61 – Virginia Crimes

On this episode of Brew Crime Mike was joined by JT formerly of True Crime Lab and the current host/voice of Active Shooter Podcast and future host of Emergen-Tea.  This episode we cover cases in JT’s home state Virginia

Beer Pairing for this episode is Home Sweet Home Pineapple Passion Fruit Barrel Aged Fruit Smoothie Sour from Yellow Dog Brewing.

Story 1 – Mike
Golden Years Killer

Virginia had 14 women murderer in a 6 year span with all the women in their Golden Years.  It wouldnt be until a change in MO for the killer Leslie Leon Burchart to be caught.



Story 2 – JT
The Murder of Robert Schwartz

When role playing games get out of hand sometimes people like Clara Schwartz have their fathers killed.


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