Episode 33 – Funny Religious Crimes

On this episode we cover some of the more ridiculous and funny “crimes” when it comes to religion.  We had a guest commentator in Shari who will be our guest on our January 2020 Patreon Exclusive Half Pint of Crime.

Vatican City:  A different type of sex scandal. 

This is the story of drug parties and gay sex orgies at the Vatican.  This is the less seen side of the Catholic Church.  This is the story of Monsignor Luigi Capozzi.

Beer paring for this story is House of Funk Brewing’s Debauchery Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout.

Life site news
Catholic culture
the guardian
Remnant newspaper
USA Today

Animal Trials Because Religion and Other Crazy Reasons

At one time animals were put on trial and they would even be sentenced to death.  This is such a messed up fact.

Beer paring for this story is Collective Arts Brewing Jam Up the Mash Dry Hopped Sour.

History of Massachusetts

A Snip in Time, Saves Mankind

Circumcision, thievery, fraud, war, and just a little bit of breast milk.  This is the story of a lost prepuce.

Beer Pairing for this story is Siren Craft Brew Bourbon Aged Primal Cut.

History Collection
Buzz Feed

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Big Heads Media Promo – Dear World Love History

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