Episode 35 – Slaughter In The Streets


For this episode we bring your something new.  We had the pleasure of interviewing the author Don Stradley.  Don can trace is roots back to sports writing and while the books we interviewed him about talk about Boxing it is the True Crime that makes these books really stand out.

We had the great pleasure of reading his book Berserk: The Shocking Life and Death of Edwin Valero and the soon to be released Slaughter in the Streets: When Boston Became Boxing’s Murder Capital.  The interview covers his writing history, these two great Boxing and True Crime books as well as his future plans.

We hope tune in soon and consider purchasing both of these great books.

We will also be running a contest on Social Media two give a pair of these books away so make sure to watch our social media accounts.  All Brew Crime Patreon supporters will automatically get a bonus entry.

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Episode 34 – Valentines Day Crimes

It is getting close to Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. Well it is for some but sadly not for the poor victims of these crimes.

Bright Eyed and Super Failed

His eyes couldn’t be more freakishly wide open but Stephen Grant still couldn’t see the multitude of stupid mistakes he was making. This is the story of the murder of Tara Lynn Grant.

Beer paring for this story is Nickel Brook Brewing Duplicitous Citra Dry-Hopped Sour.


The Murder of Latisha King (Larry King)

A young child had a crush on the wrong boy and he payed the ultimate price sadly.

Beer paring for this story is Twin Sails Brewing collaboration with High Point Liquor Store Hella Cool Chocolate Orange Stout.

ABC News
HBO Valentine Road

The Murder of Jesse McBane and Patricia Mann

Two went out for a Valentines dance but never made it home.

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Episode 33 – Funny Religious Crimes


On this episode we cover some of the more ridiculous and funny “crimes” when it comes to religion.  We had a guest commentator in Shari who will be our guest on our January 2020 Patreon Exclusive Half Pint of Crime.

Vatican City:  A different type of sex scandal. 

This is the story of drug parties and gay sex orgies at the Vatican.  This is the less seen side of the Catholic Church.  This is the story of Monsignor Luigi Capozzi.

Beer paring for this story is House of Funk Brewing’s Debauchery Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Milk Stout.

Life site news
Catholic culture
the guardian
Remnant newspaper
USA Today

Animal Trials Because Religion and Other Crazy Reasons

At one time animals were put on trial and they would even be sentenced to death.  This is such a messed up fact.

Beer paring for this story is Collective Arts Brewing Jam Up the Mash Dry Hopped Sour.

History of Massachusetts

A Snip in Time, Saves Mankind

Circumcision, thievery, fraud, war, and just a little bit of breast milk.  This is the story of a lost prepuce.

Beer Pairing for this story is Siren Craft Brew Bourbon Aged Primal Cut.

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Episode 12 – Dismemberment Part 1


On episode 12 we get into the dark and dirty subject of Dismemberment.

Tamara Samsonova

Baba Yaga is a famous witch of the East, well-known in Russia.  She has spooked and scared little children across Eastern Europe for many centuries.  The name of Baba Yaga is composed of two elements.  Baba means “grandmother” or “old woman” in most Slavic languages.  The other names she received was Granny Ripper and my personal favorite nickname “Grannyball Lecter”.  The killer of this story is Russia’s Tamara Samsonova.

This story was paired with Strange Fellows Brewing’s Boris Russian Imperial Stout.


This photo is quite disturbing.  Click at own risk.


I can beat you with no hands:  This is the story of Mary Vincent kicking ASS

A 15 year old girl on her way to see her grandfather hitches a ride from the wrong person. Her life would never be the same.  This is the story of Mary Vincent and her horror that was done to her by Lawrence Singleton.
This story was paired with Driftwood Brewing’s Limb From Limb Ryepa.


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Episode 1 – On the Road One Last Time


Episode one of Brew Crime takes on the theme of murder on the road. Here are two stories of terror that took place on the highways and roads of North America.

Here is Bob Seger Turn the Page.

Blondes have more fun. And by fun I mean blood on their hands – The Jodi Arias story.
29 stabs, 1 slashed throat, 1 gun shot to the head. Self defense?

This story paired with East India Porter from Iron Road Brewing of Kamloops.

Jodi Arias


Pride Flag in front of Mormon Temple



Killing of Tim McLean – Tim McLean was heading home from Edmonton to Winnipeg on Greyhound in Central Canada when he was brutally murdered, decapitated and cannibalized. Follow along with us and learn the story of Vince Li now known as Will Baker the Greyhound Killer.

This story paired with Trans Canada Brewing’s Arrow IPA a brewery in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Tim McLean

Vince Li (Will Baker)

Click on photo for photo credit

Global News

Audio Clip used under Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use
The Canadian Press
Jodi Arias 911 Phone Call
Jodi Arias Interview