Episode 10 – Conspiracy Theories

On Episode 10 we welcome our new full time host Nina into the mix.  We also delve deep into conspiracy theories.  From the far fetched to the ones you would wish were far fetched.

True East

When his parents are murdered this former Vancouver resident now living in Washington States life changes forever.

This story was paired with What the Huck a Huckleberry Wheat Ale from Fernie Brewing.


Is it cold in here or is that just your blood?: The Icebox Murders

Could a son’s disappearance and 2 gruesome murders be connected to an infamous assassination that occurred years earlier?
This story was paired with Single Barrel Death Blow Barley Wine from Twin Sails Brewing.

Body Snatching, radioactive testing and Project Sunshine

Sometimes things sound to crazy to be true.  Some times those things turn out to be true!  Governments would never hid things from their citizens would they?

This story was paired with Situational Ethics Chocolate Coffee Imperial Stout aged on Port Barrels from Monday Night Garage out of Atlanta Georgia.

abc news
washington post
the globe and mail
mysterious universe
the guardian

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