Episode 10 – Conspiracy Theories

On Episode 10 we welcome our new full time host Nina into the mix.  We also delve deep into conspiracy theories.  From the far fetched to the ones you would wish were far fetched.

True East

When his parents are murdered this former Vancouver resident now living in Washington States life changes forever.

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Is it cold in here or is that just your blood?: The Icebox Murders

Could a son’s disappearance and 2 gruesome murders be connected to an infamous assassination that occurred years earlier?
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Body Snatching, radioactive testing and Project Sunshine

Sometimes things sound to crazy to be true.  Some times those things turn out to be true!  Governments would never hid things from their citizens would they?

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Episode 6 – Workplace Crimes

We spend much of our waking hours at work as adults.  Sometimes things go very wrong.  This episode we discuss workplace crimes.  We also have our first guest on the show Nina!


A nice Monday morning chat around the water cooler ends in death. As if Monday mornings weren’t bad enough!

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Going Postal

Sometimes delivering mail can make you go Postal.  Nina shares her story about where the term came from.

For Patrick Sherrill:
Quick recap:  14 employees were shot and killed and six were wounded at the Edmond, Oklahoma, post office by Patrick Sherrill

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When Brew Meets Crime

When an employee of a beer distribution company is fired for stealing he reacts by going on a mass shooting spree.

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Episode 5 – Theme Parks and Freak Shows

This episode we get down and dirty with the theme of Theme Parks and Freak Shows.  Be ready for the weird and depraved.

A Selfish Shellfish: The Story of Grady Stiles Jr.

Young love, family conflict, murder and not one but 2 bearded ladies. I can’t make this shit up.

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Rape, Murder and the Holy Land

When a former religious theme park called Holy Land USA in Connecticut falls into disrepair and decay things were bound to go wrong.  Unfortunately this night spelled a tragic end to a vibrant young woman’s life.  Chloe Ottman will forever be remembered as a extremely friendly person that would befriend anyone she met.

This story paired with Vanishing Monk Belgian Witbier from Old Yale Brewing.

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