Episode 66 – Crimes in Ontario


This is the first in what will be a series of episodes that cover all of the provinces and territories of Canada.  This episode CJ of Beyond the Rainbow joins to share a case.  JT the voice of Active Shooter was also along for commentary.  

Story – Mike
Camille Cleroux

Camille would murder Lise Roy, Jean Rock and Paula Leclair over a span of 3 decades and somehow didn’t end up in prison before hand.


Ottawa Citizen
National Post
Global News

Story CJ
The murder of Dennis Hoy

Dennis Hoy was dating Nicola Puddicombe but Nicola was also dating Ashleigh Pechaluk.  This went ok for time but then it didn’t.  

Woman gets life for axe murder of boyfriend | The Toronto Observer
Watch Sex Lies & Murder S01:E20 – Bedroom Axe Murderer Free TV | Tubi (tubitv.com)
Woman found guilty in axe slaying of boyfriend – The Globe and Mail
Raging axe murdering Lesbian who just beat the murder rap, is now planning to work with your children (narkive.com)
Acquitted suspect had confessed in axe murder | CTV News

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