Episode 64 – Unsolved Group Murders


On this episode I was honored with having guests Emily G Thompson of Morbidology and Emma of True Crime Witch Podcast on as guests of the show.  We covered the theme of Unsolved Group Murders.

Beer pairing for this episode was Are We There Yet? by Mariner Brewing.

Story – Mike
Murder of Bernard and Honey Sherman

Being Billionaires and some of the richest Canadians didn’t stop this couple from being murdered.  Sadly we are not closer to knowing who killed them.


Financial Post
Global News

Story – Emily
Keddie Murders


In 1981 Glenna and John Sharp were murdered as well as Dana Wingate.  Tina Sharp went missing until her remains were found in 1984.  What happened as this nice California resort?



Plumas County News, 13 April, 2018 – “Keddie Murders Revisited Part 1: New Evidence Discovered Links Living Suspect to Grisly Scene” 

Lassen County Times, 15 April, 1981 – “Triple Slaying in Keddie”  

Feather River Bulletin, 10 June, 1981 – “Murder Case Labelled ‘Frustrating’” 

The Sacramento Bee, 21 June, 1984 – “Bones Found Are Those of Girl Linked to Triple Slaying in Pluman County” 

Plumas County News, 27 April, 2018 – “Keddie Murders Revisited Part 2: Following The Clues” 

Feather River Bulletin, 11 April, 2001 – “The Keddie Murders: 20 Years Later, Investigation Goes On”

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