Episode 54 – Terrible Neighbours

On this episode we cover a topic everyone seems to know.  Bad Neighbours is just a time hated tradition to deal with.

Ain’t No Fences High Enough!

Everyone hates bad neighbours. But a bad neighbour is all about perspective. I think you are too loud, you think I am too anal. You think you are right. I know I am right.  This is the story of the murder of Ann Hoover.

Pitt Edu
Pitt Edu

Triangle of Bad Neighbours

This story starts with a package going missing and ends in the murder of Gary Hembree and Roger Picior and the attempted murder of one other.

ABC News
Florida Today
AP News

Fuck Daniel Burnside

Some neighbourhoods have a bad neighbour.  This town has a terrible neighbour with a Neo Nazi named Daniel Burnside.

Northern Central PA
Washington Post
Washington Post

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