Episode 51 – Piracy

On this episode we cover the gamut of Piracy from historical to internet Piracy.  We hope you enjoy the episode as well as the bad Pirate Talk.

Sometimes Hunting for the Truth is Harder than Hunting for Treasure

This is the real-life story of Mary Read and Anne Bonny. It’s as close to the truth as I could get.

Beer Pairing for this story is Savary Beaches Wheat Ale from Townsite Brewing.

Post and courier
Atlas Obscura
All thats interesting 

Pirate all the Movies

Geremi Adam was a big time Canadian movie pirate.

Beer pairing for this story is Village Hero Dry Hopped Wheat Ale from Phillips Brewing & Malting

The Globe and mail
Montreal CTV

The hijacking of the Achille Lauro

This is the first ever case of piracy against a cruse ship.  The cruise started in Italy and ended early in Egypt.

Beer pairing for this story was Steve the Pirate from Backcountry Brewing.

NY Times

Brew Crime
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