Episode 39 – Terrible Parents

On this episode we cover three cases of terrible parents.

Josef Fritzl 

Some fathers are loving and caring and some lock their child in a dungeon  sadly for Elisabeth Fritzl she had the latter as a father.

Beer pairing for this story is Black Malts & Body Salts an Imperial Stout from To Øl of Denmark.

The Guardian
NY Times

Marcus Wesson

What says Good Parenting like rape, molestation, incest and murder?  This is the story of Marcus Wesson and his poor family.

Beer pairing for this story is Guardian IPA from Strange Fellows Brewing.


David and Louise Turpin

This is about a pair of sub-human monsters named David and Louise Turpin.

Beer pairing for this story is Troll Juice Kveik DIPA from Parallel 49 Brewing.

ABC News
All Thats Interesting

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