Episode 36 -Las Vegas Heists

This episode we head to Las Vegas to talk about some of the best heists.

Biker Bandit’ Bellagio Robbery in 2010

Anthony Carleo got on his bike and rolled off with a ton of cash and chips from the Bellagio.

Beer paring for this story is Microbrasserie Le Castor’s Farmhouse Houblon

Rolling Stone
CBS News
ABC News

I would like to make a withdrawal

Bill Brennan was a nobody and a loner but sometimes they are the ones to snap and rob the Stardust.

Beer paring for this story is Twin Sails Brewing Bachelor Pad Double IPA

Only in your State
all thats interesting 

When All Else Fails, Join the Circus. Or in this case rob Circus-Circus

Armored Cars and a big score this is the story of Roberto Solis and Heather Tallchief.

Beer paring for this story is Barkerville Brewing High Stakes Imperial IPA.

NBC News
Unsolved Mysteries

Audio Clip

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