Episode 25 – White Privilege

This episode is a tough one.  White Privilege has become more and more painfully present with every passing year and it needs to stop.  Tune in to our three cases of blood curdling situations.

This needs to stop now!

Traffic Stops.  Absolutely nothing to fear……….. 

When you get pulled over by the cops do you fear for your life?  If you said no then you are definitely privileged.  Unfortunately for Philando Castile things did not go well for him at this traffic stop.

Beer pairing for this story is Double Fist Punch Double IPA from Taylight Brewing.


Audio Clip

It’s not what you know, it’s which friend you promote

Instead of a synopsis I’m going to give you the gist of the judicial decisions made by the person I am reporting on: anti-gun control, anti-rights for refugees, anti-rights for any sort of prisoner, anti- women’s rights, anti-environment, pro-nepotism, sexist… you get the idea. I can see why Trump likes him so much.  The Story of Brett Kavanaugh.

Beer paring for this story is White and Lazy IPA from Foamers Folly Brewing.


Brock Turner is a Rapist full stop. 

Brock Turner raped a women behind a dumpster and laughed about it.  He is such a terrible human being.

Beer pairing for this story is Guilty Remnant White Chocolate Stout by Blood Brothers Brewing.

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