Episode 23 – Vancouver Police Museum Cases

This e

This episode all three of us sat down to discuss cases that are covered at the Vancouver Police Museum.

Beast of British Columbia

On the first case we cover Clifford Olson one of the worst Serial Killers in Canadian history.

Beer pairing for this story is Drawn to Light Abbey Ale from Driftwood Brewery.

VPD Police Museum
The Globe and Mail
The Record

The Milkshake Murders

My Milkshakes Bring my wife to the yard… the graveyard that is

This is a story about a shitty husband, a loving wife and the medical community that nearly failed her.  Rene Castellani used his wife’s favourite treat to murder her.

Beer Pairing for this story is the Triple Beery Milkshake IPA from Russell Brewing.

NY Daily News

Babes in the Woods

This is the unsolved murder of two children found in Stanley Park in the 1950’s.

Beer Pairing for this story is the Windstorm West Coast Pale Ale from Stanley Park Brewing.

Vancouver Police Museum
Global News
The Globe and Mail
Unsolved Canada
The Province
Doe Network
Doe Network

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