Episode 21 – Wrongful Convictions

Sometimes the courts get things wrong and sometimes they get it absolutely horribly wrong.

The story of William (Bill) Mullins-Johnson

Spending 11 years in prison would be awful but even more awful if you were wrongfully convicted of a crime that did not even occur.

Beer pairing for this story is Beere Brewing Mental Floss Double Dry Hopped IPA.


Bicycle, Bicycle, Bicycle! I wish I hadn’t ridden my bicycle bicycle, bicycle!

It’s not often that both parties involved in a true crime case are victims but that is what we are talking about today so it’s twice as sad. What a Debbie Downer I am. *Sad Trumpet Sound*.

Beer pairing for this story is Strathcona Beer Co Beach Radler.


Eastburn Family Massacre

When a family is killed the wrong man is taken into custody after he shows up at the police department as he looked like the police sketch.

Beer pairing for this story is Strange Resemblance Wild Saison from Strange Fellows Brewing.

ABC News

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