Episode 19 – Partners In Crime

Sometimes you joke about your friends being partners in crime and sometimes criminals have partners.  This episode we discuss the latter.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka

Paul Bernardo was a serial rapist and murder in Canada and Karla was his wife who helped find victims.  Here is the story of these two horrible humans.

Beer pairing for this story is Romantic Devastation from Superflux Beer Company 

Canadian Encyclopedia
Criminal Minds
Darker in the Light

San Francisco Witch Killers

When a couple gets heavily into drugs and starts their own religion / cult things can go wrong.  This is one of those times.

Beer pairing is Golden State Ale from Uncommon Brewers. This was the Canadian variant brewed under contract at Craft Collective Brewing in Vancouver.

the 13th Floor
Find a Grave


Bonnie, Clyde and Pants that are too wide:

Could a fashion faux pas really bring about the beginning of the end for the infamous Barrow Gang?

Beer pairing for this beer is the Interstate Love Song Chocolate Oyster Stout from Steel & Oak Brewing and Gigantic Brewing.


Poem mentioned in episode
The Story of Bonnie and Clyde”.

You’ve read the story of Jesse James

Of how he lived and died;

If you’re still in need

Of something to read,

Here’s the story of Bonnie and Clyde.

Now Bonnie and Clyde are the Barrow gang,

I’m sure you all have read

How they rob and steal

And those who squeal

Are usually found dying or dead.

There’s lots of untruths to these write-ups;

They’re not so ruthless as that;

Their nature is raw;

They hate all the law

The stool pigeons, spotters, and rats.

They call them cold-blooded killers;

They say they are heartless and mean;

But I say this with pride,

That I once knew Clyde

When he was honest and upright and clean.

But the laws fooled around,

Kept taking him down

And locking him up in a cell,

Till he said to me,

“I’ll never be free,

So I’ll meet a few of them in hell.”

The road was so dimly lighted;

There were no highway signs to guide;

But they made up their minds

If all roads were blind,

They wouldn’t give up till they died.

The road gets dimmer and dimmer;

Sometimes you can hardly see;

But it’s fight, man to man,

And do all you can,

For they know they can never be free.

From heart-break some people have suffered;

From weariness some people have died;

But take it all in all,

Our troubles are small

Till we get like Bonnie and Clyde.

If a policeman is killed in Dallas,

And they have no clue or guide;

If they can’t find a fiend,

They just wipe their slate clean

And hand it on Bonnie and Clyde.

There’s two crimes committed in America

Not accredited to the Barrow mob;

They had no hand

In the kidnap demand,

Nor the Kansas City depot job.

A newsboy once said to his buddy;

“I wish old Clyde would get jumped;

In these awful hard times

We’d make a few dimes

If five or six cops would get bumped.”

The police haven’t got the report yet,

But Clyde called me up today;

He said, “Don’t start any fights

We aren’t working nights

We’re joining the NRA.”

From Irving to West Dallas viaduct

Is known as the Great Divide,

Where the women are kin,

And the men are men,

And they won’t “stool” on Bonnie and Clyde.

If they try to act like citizens

And rent them a nice little flat,

About the third night

They’re invited to fight

By a sub-gun’s rat-tat-tat.

They don’t think they’re too tough or desperate,

They know that the law always wins;

They’ve been shot at before,

But they do not ignore

That death is the wages of sin.

Some day they’ll go down together;

And they’ll bury them side by side;

To few it’ll be grief

To the law a relief

But it’s death for Bonnie and Clyde.

— Bonnie Parker

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