Episode 8 – Stupid Criminals

Some times the criminals are just not as smart as others.  This episode we dwell on just this kind of criminal.

Martyr or Murderer? Time Will Tell .  The Story of John Allen Chau
Young man spreading the word of God? Or moron blinded by faith risking the lives of an entire civilization? 

This story paired with Stupid Stout Imperial Stout 2015 Vintage from Coronado Brewing.


Audio Clip used under Canadian Copyright Law for Fair Use

Robbing Banks Does Not Pay

Our guy Eric Rivers liked to Rob banks.  Some times your crime spree should steer clear of the media.

This story paired with Heist Maple Stout from Cannery Brewing out of Penticton.

Global News 1
Global news 2
Inside Edition
Maimi Herald
Sacramento Bee
Lawrenceville Police Facebook 

Audio from CBS 46 News out of Atlanta Georgia.

What the hell is this junk in my trunk?! 
The Toxic Tush Case
She’s  not a doctor but why let that stop you from performing body enhancements?

Huffinton Post
Sun Sentinal
Life and Style
Washington Post

Drug Smuggling Never Pays.

When three people conspire to run coke across the USA Canada border noting could go wrong, could it?

This story paired with The Toques of Hazzard Double White IPA from Parallel 49 Brewing out of Vancouver.

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