Episode 48 – Killed in Brazil?


On this episode we interviewed the author Jimmy Tobin about his book Killed in Brazil? The Mysterious Death of Arturo “Thunder” Gatti.

Check the book out here Killed in Brazil? The Mysterious Death of Arturo “Thunder” Gatti

We hope tune in soon and consider purchasing this book soon.

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Berserk: The Shocking Life and Death of Edwin Valero – Book Review

Everyone knows that Boxing has a dark side but have you heard the story of Edwin Valero?  Probably not as he is not a well known athlete outside of the boxing realm and its not a well known case of true crime either.  Don Stradley takes you on a fast paced journey of the battle to be a recognized boxer from Venezuela to his fall from grace.  its a story of intrigue and murder that will keep you wanting to flip the pages.  I am not a big boxing fan and I can count the amount of times I have watched a boxing match on a hand or two but this book was riveting for me.

Publisher Hamilcar Publications
Author: Don Stradley
Page count: 85 pages

To purchase the book click on the book cover below!