Episode 20 – Kidnappings


On this episode we hit the topic Kidnappings.  We cover three stories and also do a quick review of The Girls Are Gone a novel.

The Not so Magic School Bus

This may seem like a horrible story about the largest kidnapping in US history but stick with me. It’s really about being a hero no matter what your age.

Beer pairing for this story is a beer cocktail called School bus


Kidnapping of Adam Walsh

Most people know of John Walsh from his show America’s Most Wanted but not everyone knows where he got into helping fight against crime.  This is the story of his sons kidnapping and murder.

Beer pairing for this story is Arcade Glow from Boombox Brewing.

NY Times
Crime Museum 

Missing Child reunited with parent 31 years after disappearance 

I could not imagine a child being abducted but what about finding out he is still alive 31 years later?

Beer pairing for this story is The Unfamiliar Brown from Strange Fellows Brewing

NBC News

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